Actors Headshots

Actors headshots and portraits

  • Miles Jupp

    Miles Jupp

  • Julian Clarey

    Julian Clarey

  •  Robin Ince

    Robin Ince

  • Portrait Photographer

    Portrait Photographer

  • Ben Miller   Actor, Academic & Author

    Ben Miller Actor, Academic & Author

  • Jonathan Nosan - contortionist

    Jonathan Nosan - contortionist

  • TV presenter, journalist & Author.

    Sir Michael Parkinson

  • Festival Faces       2018

    Festival Faces 2018

  • Paul Merton

    Paul Merton

  • Derrick-Pearce-


  • Briann Blessed

    Briann Blessed

  • Seymour Stiffs

    Seymour Stiffs

  • John Finnemore

    John Finnemore



  • From Bards Town Portraits

    From Bards Town Portraits

  • Actors Headshot

    Actors Headshot

  • Graham Norton

    Graham Norton

  • Robert Lindsay

    Robert Lindsay

  • Alison Steadman

    Alison Steadman

  • Patricia Hodge

    Patricia Hodge

  • Simon Russel Beale

    Simon Russel Beale

  • Steven Lenton

    Steven Lenton

  • Rosalind Ayers

    Rosalind Ayers

  • Prince Hal

    Prince Hal

  • LG =M&P _DSC8109.jpg

    LG =M&P _DSC8109.jpg

  • vitner guy DSC_6540.jpg

    vitner guy DSC_6540.jpg

  • Jonathan Nosan

    Jonathan Nosan

  • Alice Roberts

    Alice Roberts

  • Alison Steadman -Actress -

    Alison Steadman -Actress -

  • Patricia Greene  Actress - plays Jill Archer

    Patricia Greene Actress - plays Jill Archer

  • Test before shooting Poster

    Test before shooting Poster

  • Headshot


  • headshot from Marsh & Parsons People with exceptional properties

    headshot from Marsh & Parsons People with exceptional properties

  • Mario Baba -

    Mario Baba -

Actors Portraits

Portraits or Headshots of Actors photographed in Warwickshire for projects or commissions - used for Spotlight,StarNow and social media.

photography  for the theatrical world 

first professional commission was as a second camera at the dress rehearsal of Hamlet at Birmingham Rep when I was still at college. My Father, Willoughby GUS Gullachsen was a theatre and TV photographer and I assisted him on a few occasions, he photographed the great and the very great Actors and performers and I like to think I learned from a master especially when it came to dress rehearsals and getting material turned around so it would be up for opening night and the Press reviews. I went onto shoot advertising and traveled the world, but often I had the pleasure of working with actors especially when shooting campaigns that used talent on film & print. In recent years my practice has included using actors for my Advertising and brand commissions, producing projects that include many thespians .

I always relish a portrait session with an actor, you know they shall bring magic to a session and hopefully they too enjoy the process -