• Jonathan Church - Birmingham Rep

    Jonathan Church - Birmingham Rep

    Movers & Shakers Project. Birmingham 2000 - 2005

  • Jasper Carrott

    Jasper Carrott

    Shot during Movers & Shakers project, at St Andrews, Birmingham City Football ground.

  • Shefali Oza Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

    Shefali Oza Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

    BBC Midlands Today presenter at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

  • Sir Graham Vick ( 1953-2021)

    Sir Graham Vick ( 1953-2021)

    Artistic Director - Birmingham Opera Movers and Shakers project, shot in 2005, sadly Sir Graham died in 2021

  • Revd.Jemima Prasadam.MBE

    Revd.Jemima Prasadam.MBE

  • Birmingham - Movers & Shakers

    Birmingham - Movers & Shakers

    Portrait photography of Remo Papini for the Movers & Shakers -faces of a changing city project This is one of 100 portraits taken between 2001 and 2005 and Exhibited at Birmingham Symphony Hall 2005-2006.

  • Jim Crace , Novelist

    Jim Crace , Novelist

    Spaghetti Junction & Tame Valley CanalOne of the best writers in English IMHO.

  • Karren Bradey,Birmingham City FC, St Andrew's Ground

    Karren Bradey,Birmingham City FC, St Andrew's Ground

  • Bennie Grey

    Bennie Grey

    In front of the famous Custard Factory - a creative hub - 300 metres from my first Studio in Birmingham

  • The Archbishop of York ,John Sentamu.

    The Archbishop of York ,John Sentamu.

    Movers and Shakers Project BirminghamJohn Sentamu ,was then Bishop of Birmingham ,and elected to be photographed in his Kitchen ,where he enjoys cooking .

  • Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin

    Master Portrait photographer - Birmingham,shot near Snow Hill ,500 metres from where he was born and near where he worked in an office ,before he became one of Britians most famous and respected photographers.

  • Sir Michael Lyons

    Sir Michael Lyons

    Chief Executive Birmingham City Council 1994-2001Chairman BBC Trust 2007 -2011.too many other appointments to list here

  • Jonathan Watkins-Ikon Gallery

    Jonathan Watkins-Ikon Gallery

    Movers and Shakers project - Contempory Art Gallery -

  • Jonnie Turpie - Maverick Productions

    Jonnie Turpie - Maverick Productions

    Movers and Shakers project - Custard Factory

  • Lord Digby Jones

    Lord Digby Jones

    Movers and Shakers project

  • Tariq Ismail - Birmingham College Hospital

    Tariq Ismail - Birmingham College Hospital

    Movers and Shakers project

  • Gary Taylor,No 4 Brindley Place.

    Gary Taylor,No 4 Brindley Place.

    From my Movers and Shakers project, but still an example of corporate portrait, but certainly not a headshot.

  • Adrian Goldberg

    Adrian Goldberg

    BBC - at the Mail Box

  • Paul Keynes

    Paul Keynes

    Alpha Tower as backdrop

  • Sir Albert Bore

    Sir Albert Bore

    Photo Portrait at Victoria Square, Birmingham

  • Neil Rami

    Neil Rami

    Millenium Point

  • Sally Jones

    Sally Jones

    Iron Man - Antony Gormley - Victoria Square

  • Pete James (1959-2016)

    Pete James (1959-2016)

    On the roof of the Old Library - Pete was a great supporter of photography and certainly a major reason that the Movers & Shakers project happened. His legacy lives on but sadly there is not a dedicated photography specialist to look after the Archive at the new library which holds one of the worlds greatest photography collections.

  • John James

    John James

    Hotel De Vin

  • Brian Wood Scawen

    Brian Wood Scawen

    Portrait at the Barber Institute, Birmingham University

  • Dennis Amiss

    Dennis Amiss

    Photographic portrait at Edgbaston Cricket Grounds.

  • Karl George

    Karl George

  • David Bintley CBE

    David Bintley CBE

    Rehearsal studio - Birmingham Royal Ballet

  • Birmingham - Movers & Shakers project

    Birmingham - Movers & Shakers project

    Portraits in office locations

  • Sir Peter Rigby -Millenium Point

    Sir Peter Rigby -Millenium Point

    Movers & Shakers project

Movers & Shakers- Faces of a changing city.

Portrait Project in Collaboration with the Birmingham Central Library .An extensive project shot in my home city in the lead up to the bid for City of Culture. The images were shot on film and then digital capture on a Hasselblad with a few exceptions. Considered environmental portraits should not be rushed and hopefully the results shall provide a document of the city at the time, the work is now archived at the Birmingham Central Library.

Birmingham - Movers and Shakers - Faces of a changing City.

An exhibition at Birmingham Symphony Hall September 2005 - February 2006 - seen by over 60,000 people.

The original concept for the photographic portrait project was to create a body of work that would be part of the Birmingham City of Culture bid and also promote a Photographic gallery based in the Birmingham Library that was at that time in a planning stage. The portrait project was supported by the late Pete James, head of photographs at Birmingham Central Library, without his tireless support and help the project would have never happened. The final exhibition of a hundred environmental portraits was intended to be exhibited in the new Bull Ring ,this was planned as I wanted the exhibition to engage with the public and have a much wider audience than the usual photography exhibition. Sadly that was not possible because of costs and space issues. The Birmingham Symphony Hall kindly agreed to the exhibition and after five years in development it opened in September 2005, the opening was performed by the then Anglican Bishop of Birmingham, Dr John Sentamu , who was one of the subjects of the collection & Colin Ford CBE.

The project was started in 2001, but the majority of the portraits were taken between 2003 and 2005, this coincided with the change from film to digital and in-fact most images were taken on a Hasselblad V system, on film,then scanned, the last year of 2005 the subjects were taken with the same system but with a Digital back . The 100 prints were printed by the Birmingham Lab, Colin Alford Colour and the images were deposited at the Birmingham Central Library archive, a number of the images were added to the National Portrait Gallery archive.

The subjects were chosen to try and represent a cross section of the new diverse and dynamic society that was changing the face of Birmingham, many were obvious choices, but many were nominated and the original target of 50 subjects was not enough to represent a city, it. was in-fact going to be an ongoing project, but my circumstances changes and although I retain may ties with Birmingham, I moved to Spain after a period in Worcestershire then returned to London and in 2013 I returned to Stratford on Avon where I am now based.