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Commercial - photographer - Warwickshire.

Every business has a website, it is the way that business provides the shopfront or virtual office that communicates to potential clients the service, product or information that a business is delivering. It maybe an accountant or a zipper stockist, they both need a website, bakers and window cleaners maybe don't need a site, but most businesses certainly do, a website host can provide an off the shelf template for your website, or you can have a custom site with whistles and bells. All those website shall require content in the form of copy, and images, that maybe illustrations or more likely , photographs. You can of course use cheap or even free images, your smartphone may produce an image that is OK, however it is the website that has professional custom images that stands out and engage with the audience. A portrait of you and your staff shows that you are real and the business is real and people are behind it.

Q: Why employ a professional commercial photographer for your website?

A: Provide unique images for your unique business.

There are always exceptions, but a business especially a small one needs to have a personality and brand, often with a one man business, or should it be one person business, shall require a professional headshot or portrait of the person who runs it, the service that is provided will be photographed, and quality and appropriate style shall show the audience what is for sale, been delivered, a service provided or just the fantastic quality of the cakes you bake.

I would like to think that as a professional photographer of many years experience and having produced images for advertising campaigns for hundreds of businesses that I can provide images that are right for your business, images that work, that are appropriate for your business and help you create a brand that is successful.

If you are a start up an established business looking at a refresh or a designer that has a new website commission for a SME please let me suggest ways that website photography can work for you or your client, my advice is free & I always ensure a full quote is delivered so you know where you stand, I especially understand how a small business works and can benefit from good visual communication as I too am a small business.

Here are some small and not so small businesses that have commissioned my photography and have enjoyed success with unique images.

Contact me on or call 01608 695050.