• Food Photographer- plate of Pork from No9 Stratford upon Avon.

    Food & Restarant Photographer

    Photographed at the No 9 restaurant in Stratford upon Avon. My background with Food Photography goes back to my days as a student when one day a week I was able to study at the studio of Cadbury's in Bourneville, Birmingham. It was there that I was able to learn my still life and food photography craft from Masters . It was a possible career path as I love food and photographing its preparation and then capturing the creations of great chefs and food stylists,always a pleasure. During my career I have shot editorial food photography as well as advertising with food as part of the brief ,

  • Drop Pancakes with caramel sauce, pecans & bananas. EMBA - cookware

    Drop Pancakes with caramel sauce, pecans & bananas. EMBA - cookware

  • Service at No 9.

    Service at No 9.


  • Garlic & Chilli Prawns ! EMBA Cookware skillet

    Garlic & Chilli Prawns ! EMBA Cookware skillet

  • Vegetable cooking on EMBA griddle

    Vegetable cooking on EMBA griddle

  • No 9

    No 9

    Restaurant in Stratford upon Avon, Wayne Thomson Chef & Patron is one of the midlands if not the UK's finest - IMHO. In the Kitchen at No 9 the great masterpieces are created in this creative hub.The technique of using mono and colour photography mix is a useful tool to highlight the food and retain the enviroment of a kitchen that are often cluttered and distracting .

  • Bird on the Rock -Heart of England Tourism

    Bird on the Rock -Heart of England Tourism

    Doug & Annabel Hawkes

  • Broadfield Court Vineyard Estate

    Broadfield Court Vineyard Estate

    Destination Vineyard -view the vineyards -sample the wine . Herefordshire Vineyard location image was commissioned and images are part of English Tourist Board image bank .

  • Restaurant & Hotel  Photographer

    Restaurant & Hotel Photographer

    Ranging from photography of the Restaurant Interiors & Exteriors to the Food,Chef & team, I cover all aspects of photography for Restaurants and Gastro Pubs across Warwickshire ,Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

  • Vino and Garden

    Vino and Garden

    Birmingham Botanical Gardens - image to communicate the unique offer at this venue and suite . To enjoy a business event with such a backdrop certainly has the wow factor . Images such as this can be key images when marketing a venue . The elements of wine and green garden are a stark contrast to interiours of most venues .

  • Finger Food

    Finger Food

    for corporate events - Birmingham Botanical Gardens

  • Hilton Head

    Hilton Head


  • No 9 Stratford upon Avon

    No 9 Stratford upon Avon

    Chef : Wayne Thomsom

  • Gin Cocktail

    Gin Cocktail

    Macro photography of food and drink provides an insight to a new world.

  • GS Delights

    GS Delights

    A new start up with great vegan & gluten free cakes

  • GS delights

    GS delights

    Blue Berry Muffins



  • Cream Tea

    Cream Tea

    Heart of England Tourism commission - Bird on the Rock -detail for image bank

  • Full of Goodness

    Full of Goodness

    Food photography for social media

  • Full of Goodness

    Full of Goodness

    Social media food photography shot in Warwickshire

  • Full of Goodness

    Full of Goodness

  • Full of Goodness

    Full of Goodness

    recipe illitartion for social media

  • Full of Goodness

    Full of Goodness

    Recipe illisratation

  • Full of Goodness - breakfast suggestion recipe

    Full of Goodness - breakfast suggestion recipe

  • Pub Food,Hamburger and chips,

    Pub Food,Hamburger and chips,

    gastro pubs food photography

  • Full of Goodness - recipe image

    Full of Goodness - recipe image

  • Creme Brulee

    Creme Brulee

    Harringtons on the Hill - part of extensive shoot to produce material for the new website & Instagram & Facebook postings

  • Harrington's on the Hill

    Harrington's on the Hill

    Website & Instagram image bank

  • Green Supermarket

    Green Supermarket

  • Green Halal Supermarket

    Green Halal Supermarket

    marketing on line & in store

  • Green Supermarket

    Green Supermarket

    Takeaway & instore display

  • Full English - EMBA skillet

    Full English - EMBA skillet

  • EMBA - vegitarian audience

    EMBA - vegitarian audience

  • Sirloin & Herb butter on EMBA griddle

    Sirloin & Herb butter on EMBA griddle

  • Risotto


    Riverside - Galley Kitchen

  • Roast Beef

    Roast Beef

    Dream of Sunday Roasts? Maybe this features .

  • Lava Stone Steak !

    Lava Stone Steak !

  • Lemon Tart

    Lemon Tart

  • Lamb Kebab on EMBA griddle

    Lamb Kebab on EMBA griddle

Food Photographer based in Warwickshire.

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My first experience with food photography was when I was studying photography in Birmingham and I negotiated a day a week at the studio at Cadburys in Bournville, it was a great experience and I learned from masters of their craft. My career took me in another direction with many commissions in the travel and hospitality industries, so I often found myself shoot food on location for hotel and destination clients, it is an area that I love and now I am producing food photography for a variety of clients, from food manufacturing to gastro pubs and fine dining restaurants.

I am primarily a location photographer,so I am very used to creating a studio on location and have all the lighting and kit that requires, it's just a space that is near the kitchen that I need.

Ideally with light that can be controlled, a window with a blind or the ability to turn off the lights and work in a darkish room is ideal.

So much beautifully prepared food is sadly represented by photography that is taken by smartphones, the problem is usually due to the light that the food is in, in a kitchen the light is often neon or the equivalent , under the serving hatch or near it is a tungsten or 'hot' infra-red, these light sources are often transmitting on a narrow spectrum and even with a smart smartphone, the colour balance cannot be neutralised as the sensor only sees a limited amount of light, our eyes adapt but a camera has limitations . There are technical ways around this (CC gels and a Colour Temperature meter), but to do justice to food, it has to be photographed in a consistent quality of light and that will be a daylight window, or 'daylight' balanced lighting , that at least replicate most of the spectrum of daylight.

As a photographer it is obvious that you have to provide the studio quality lights on location and combined with the knowledge of where to place the lights is often the difference a food photographer makes, a great food stylist or chef is the one who has created the dish, it's the photographers job to show it in its best light (forgive the Pun).

There are tricks of the trade, often a thing of myths, Ice Cream made from Mashed potato and all sort of substitutes and colouring, most of that comes from the way old school photography worked, you needed long exposures under hot lights, or until recently you required loads of flash to work on a large format camera as you needed lots of light to provide the depth of focus (or depth of field), now with fast (lets in lots of light) lens and a style that often desires limited focus we can get away with a lot less light and so work faster.