• R&H logistics -overnight service

    R&H logistics -overnight service

    A R&H logistics truck crossing a bridge iplying day to night with sky transiting from Moon light to daylight.

  • Industrial photography at Dover terminal , the foregound blur is the Channel train starting its underwater journey to France

    Industrial photography at Dover terminal , the foregound blur is the Channel train starting its underwater journey to France

  • RH logistics

    RH logistics

    Industrial Photography at Docks Liverpool - Air -Land -Sea

  • Caterpiller


    Industrial photography in Germany for Caterpillar Europe . Parts fitted overnight

  • Skoda


    AIS - Malvern Worcestershire

  • Dodge Viper

    Dodge Viper

    Mojave Desert , california . USA .Automotive and industrial photography



    This location industrial image was taken in Germany for Caterpillar - Europe . Square format required for trade show large format panels that were 15 metre high ..Industrial photography can include work on location for any commercial enterprise and requires skills and experience to tackle many logistic and specialist problems across many genre .

  • Subaru


    Legacy Saloon - commercial professional photography for marketing worldwide, shot in Barcelona

  • Subaru


    World brochure -shot in Barcelona .

  • Logistics


    Advertising Location photography for a logistics software application .

  • Automotive & Commercial   photography

    Automotive & Commercial photography

    Automotive photography has been a core part of my commercial practice for many years ,I still work with cars on location and have specialist kit and knowledge to produce most advertising and editorial needs .As an automotive photographer I have photographed cars from Bentley ,Land Rover ,Honda and BMW to name a few . I know enploy those skills mainly as a location advertising photographer using the autos as lifestyle props to commuicate a lifestyle .

  • Majave desert

    Majave desert

    Location photography shot for Kimberly Clark industrial paper manufactorer - A 'paper' car cover that protects against all the elements .The Porche was photographed graphed in Mojave desert ,under a cover that was the subject of the ad campaign that ran in specialist Car mags -The seagulls were photographed on Santa Monica Beach & the Seagull Poo was substituted with Hellman's Finest Mayonnaise .

  • DHL Africa

    DHL Africa

    Cape Town



    Front view of a large HGV- World wide camapign for Castrol Synthetic Oil

  • Skoda


    Rainy day supplied by Stratford on Avon's Finest Firefighters .Alscot Estate

  • BP - Truck

    BP - Truck

    For BP campaign

  • Isuzu Truck

    Isuzu Truck

    Quarry and Truck photographed in one .

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    Side shot of a Land Rover crossing a bridge

  • Porthleven - Cornwall

    Porthleven - Cornwall

    A very stormy January shows the welcoming lights of the Harbour at Porthleven . The Cornish villageI have visited for years and never seen two days the same , the light ever changing and always special , or am I just an old romantic ?

Photographer for industry and distribution, logistics requires images that help market & communicate the industry

Industrial and automotive photographer of cars,trucks, autos as well as boats & airplanes, all require images for communication and marketing.

Logistics & Truck Photographer

Commercial and industrial photography has been at the core of my practice starting in Birmingham and the industrial West Midlands, I worked for many industrial company such as GKN, Quinton Hazell, Borg and Beck and Rover. Often the work would be B2B so images of delivery chain including trucks and warehouses were a standard photography brief from the Advertising agencies and designers I was commissioned by. As work practice changed, I would find the many Logistics companies were providing transport solutions for many companies and the days of inhouse fleets were changing, specialist logistics companies were providing warehousing and transport for many companies and so photography for this sector became much more important as the contracts were reviewed and so the need for images of the new trucks, new warehouse facilities and portraits of key staff were required on a regular basis. Brand identity for industry and logistics companies were all part of the marketing and business model, a rebrand could ensure that a new image and potential exit strategy were put in place for directors who were close to retirement and the old family business was a thing of the past. It was this new wave of business landscape that I have have found myself producing photography image banks for print and on-line media. If you have a new brand or just require a refreshed website please contact me for a chat about how I can provide images that shall deliver for you. lorentz@gullachsen.com

Notable clients include. RH logistics. DHL