• Hugh Bonneville

    Hugh Bonneville

  • David Dimbleby

    David Dimbleby

    At Warwick Arts centre - part of SLF winter season

  • Portrait -Photographer - man with Beard.

    Advertising Photographer

    Advertising headshot for Marsh & Parsons- see the Advertising folio for context.

  • Julian Clarey

    Julian Clarey

    Comedian & Author

  • Sir Roy Strong

    Sir Roy Strong

    One of the great contributors to the cultural life of the UK ,Sir Roy Strong was a subject at the Stratford Literary Festival April 2017 -

  • TV presenter, journalist & Author.

    Sir Michael Parkinson

    After I had taken a few conventional images of this great man at the Stratford Literary festival, I managed to get this frame and treat it as a more considered image, maybe not as the great communicator, but as a man who reflects on much more than the superficial. I took this with respect and hopefully with more insight & truth . The image was selected for the AoP open 2019.

  • Fix Up - Potential for improvement

    Fix Up - Potential for improvement

    Portrait from Marsh & Parsons Advertising Campaign that is all over London in mixed media ,but most visibly on the cross track Underground posters .The Campaign help win the Best Marketing award for Estate Agents - run by the Sunday Times.



    This Portrait was part of the 25th Anniversary campaign ,shot in London .Agency -TonyG Creative AD -Tony G.POS (Point of Sale) and press .

  • Marsh & Parsons

    Marsh & Parsons

    The campaign uses people as metaphors this is about a Redbrick property. The subject is Jeannie McGinniss, presenter,model & actress.



    Healthcare Commission.This portrait portfolio is a cross section of work both Art based personal projects and straight commissioned work . What I hope is that those spending time viewing my work will appreciate that I have always tried to treat the subject with respect and hopefully capture something more than just a pretty picture . But that call is down to the viewer.Please explore the site for the extended projects . Thank you for your time .



    Portrait of Nadia Hussian taken at the Stratford Literary Festival -Bake Off Champion ,but so much more with BBC British food adventure - love this lady . such a star

  • Jonathan Nosan - contortionist

    Jonathan Nosan - contortionist

  • Hannah Mary

    Hannah Mary

    Artist -model -Hannah Mary - multi talented artist .Victory Roll hairstyle test for Campaign treatment.

  • Graham Norton

    Graham Norton

    From the Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival -Literary Faces.Shot at the RSC ,Courtyard Theatre ,October 2014

  • Rev Richard Coles

    Rev Richard Coles

    One of our country's great celebreties and soon to be dancer on BBC Strictly Come Dancing. This portrait was taken at the Stratford ArtsHouse. SLF.

  • Patricia Hodge

    Patricia Hodge

    Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival -Artshouse Stratford

  • Dame Jacqueline Wilson Stratford Literary Festival 2015

    Dame Jacqueline Wilson Stratford Literary Festival 2015

  • Michael Ball

    Michael Ball

  • Robert Linsey

    Robert Linsey

    Photographed at Stratford upon Avon - Artshouse .

  • David Curtis -Artistic Director of the Orchestra of the Swan .

    David Curtis -Artistic Director of the Orchestra of the Swan .

    Photographed at the Artshouse in Stratford upon Avon,where the Orchestra of the Swan is based . Another cultural asset that Stratford upon Avon enjoys .

  • Maurice Richards

    Maurice Richards

    from my Bards Town portrait project .One of my personal favorite images . A great face reflecting .

  • Robert Vas Dias -Poet

    Robert Vas Dias -Poet

  • Metro Courier

    Metro Courier

    From Couriers project - 5x4 monochrome portraits -London. This gentleman I believe became a photographer, he worked at the famous Metro lab as an in house courier delivering and collecting the processed film across the creative centre of London, from W1 to E5, now that has gone further east.

  • Graham Vick

    Graham Vick

    from the Movers & Shakers Project -Faces of a changing city. A series of over 100 portraits exhibited at Birmingham Symphony Hall . See all in Movers & Shakers folios .

  • St Georges Day

    St Georges Day

    Mummers in Hereford

  • In The American West Midlands

    In The American West Midlands

    Collection shot at Wolverhampton,'Wolvstock' festival.Americana and Country & Western fans gather for a festival that turns a piece of the Black Country into the 51st State,for a long weekend in June.

  • Jasper Carrott

    Jasper Carrott

    Promotion material for UK tour -photographed at St Andrew's -The Blues Ground .

  • Asthma UK

    Asthma UK

    Bingfield Street Surgery, Islington N1

  • Hamish Stewart - Farm Manager Ragley Home Farms .

    Hamish Stewart - Farm Manager Ragley Home Farms .

    Portrait photographer of rural people, something that I have done for many years for advertising & editorial use.

  • Harnham - Recuitment personal

    Harnham - Recuitment personal

  • Asthma UK

    Asthma UK

    Research Doctor at Southhampton Hospital - for rebranding and communication

  • Fish & Chips

    Fish & Chips

    Black Country Museum , Dudley in the West Midlands. This commissioned portrait was for the Heart of England Tourism -part of Visit England. A few minutes to access set up lights and get out to allow the Chip shop to open to some very hungry visitors. The image was selected for the SUN awards.

  • Organic Farmer

    Organic Farmer

    Commissioned by FWAG

  • Paul Merton

    Paul Merton

    Paul Merton portrait photographed at the Stratford Literary Festival 2015 .As a portrait photographer based in Stratford on Avon I was delighted to be involved in this ongoing project in collaboration with the Stratford Literary Festival

  • In the American West Midlands .              M.A  project. Winner of West Midland OPEN art -Birmingham Art Gallery. 2010

    In the American West Midlands . M.A project. Winner of West Midland OPEN art -Birmingham Art Gallery. 2010

    Mike Ashurst - A builder from Merseyside - a reluctant subject but a successful portrait taken at the Wolvstock Festival in a Pop Up studio over a weekend at the event in 2009

  • Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin

    Portrait of a portrait photographer- possibly the UK's best certainly one I have admired for many years. Shot in Birmingham where he was born & worked as a technical draftsman before taking on the world of photography.

  • Hollywood inspired  portrait

    Hollywood inspired portrait

    Hedy Lamarr inspired this portrait , when briefed on this commission I researched the 1940's Hollywood portrait photographers of the day, I was also aware of Lamarr as an inventor & sadly tragically not given the recognition she deserved. Client Marsh & Parsons.

  • Terry Waite

    Terry Waite

    A pensive pose that seems appropriate for this gentleman, also Black & white or monochrome photography gives a certain gavitas to a subject. Photographed on my old Hasselblad - a camera that helps slow the process down and produce portraits that are hopefully a little more serious and valid.

  • Surgeon


    from Movers and Shakers project - portrait in Birmingham

  • courier


    portrait series shot on film in London EC1, see the series as a seperate folio.

  • Hugh Johnson

    Hugh Johnson

    Wine writer extraordinaire!

  • The Most Reverend and Right Honourable John Sentamu

    The Most Reverend and Right Honourable John Sentamu

    From the Movers & Shakers project in Birmingham. I am not a religious person but the gentleman is an exceptional person who I was delighted to photograph in his then Harborne Home.

  • Huntington Beach -California

    Huntington Beach -California

    Portrait photography with a twist ,using film on a 6 x 17 panoramic camera . A great trip ,personal portrait project on the back of a reqqe and a surf trip with my son . Happy Days.

  • Farmer & Cow

    Farmer & Cow

    This is one of a series of portraits with real farmers and their families and animals for Merial - a pharmaceutical Company for an advertising campaign targeting the Dairy and Stock industry in the UK and Eire.

  • Headshot for Marsh & Parsons

    Headshot for Marsh & Parsons

    In colour the subject can sometimes be taken to be less professional ?The treatment of an image is important to communicate the brand and industry, A single headshot in a corporate communication can be a way to position your company.The location can be in the City of London or Coventry.

  • Monochrome portraits for corporate website

    Monochrome portraits for corporate website

  • Headshot Photography

    Headshot Photography

    Mono images provide a professional look for websites & communication across industry

  • Autumn


  • Mature Gentleman with Clerical Collar & XR tatoo

    Extinction Rebellion XR

    Portrait of Rev Tim Hewes -Rebel with a cause.

  • Portrait Photographer

    Portrait Photographer

    David Bradley - for Shakespeare's England- still from video shot to promote the region after release from lockdown july 2020

  • Tom Kerridge

    Tom Kerridge

    mono portrait - multi talented gentleman that presents Save Britain's Pubs -BBC2

  •  Barry Freeman

    Barry Freeman

    British Legion Magazine - recepiant of the Legion d'Honneur for his part in the D Day landings.Editorial.

  • Bushey


    Marsh & Parsons brand campaign

  •  John Barnes- SLF

    John Barnes- SLF

    Headshot of John Barnes

  • Networking Headshots

    Networking Headshots

    Networking Hero's Project - Jonathan Smith -set up free networking during the pandemic and has contined to grow networking events & awards across the West Midlands. the Cotswold and bejond

  • Gus  Bhandal

    Gus Bhandal

    Gus Bhandal-A gentleman who gives generiously with insights across many networking platforms

  • Christine Anderson

    Christine Anderson

    Christine Anderson - Providing a free networking facility in Henley in Arden at

  • Hana Smiddy

    Hana Smiddy

    Hana Smiddy- A serial connector who tirelessly helped host any on -line events during the dark days of lockdowns, now an Action Coach

  • Charlie Budd

    Charlie Budd

    Charlie Budd-The inspiration for the Networker Hero project, Charlie, before the pandemic faciltated Cakestorm networking for local creatives, and has always given time and sage advice-a lovely chap who likes cakee

  • Neil Morgan

    Neil Morgan

    Another Networking Heroes - a fellow creative who generiously hosted Zooms in the depths of Lockdowns, giving creatives a platform a great help in such troubled times. Shot on a sunny spring day in Cheltenham

  • Foundry Worker

    Foundry Worker

    portraits of workers in context of job

Warwickshire & UK Portrait Photographer selected commissions and projects

studio and location portrait photographer for advertising and corporate headshots.For over twenty five years I have been taking portraits for commercial purposes, editorial commissions, art projects that have informed my practice and have lead on to major work including the Marsh & Parsons Brand campaign (see Advertising Photographer). It is part of my DNA that I have always wanted to capture images of people, my initial direction was people & lifestyle but my career took many turns and it took a return to Uni to do an MA that made me revisit my portrait work back in 2008, since then it has become my main genre, commissioned & personal. My base near Stratford upon Avon gave me an opportunity to work with the Stratford Literary Festival and produce a large body of work. with the names and upcoming stars of the Literary scene

Portrait Photographer

Portrait photography for business & communication, I have worked as a commercial photographer since graduating in the last century and I have always produced portraits of subjects, from professional models to workers on the shop floor as part of my commercial and fine art practice, however in 2008, I returned to BIAD, (Birmingham Institute of Art & Design) now BCU ( Birmingham City University) and studied Visual communication, eventually gaining an MA in 2010, the major projects that I completed were portrait based, this work has gone on to inform my commercial practice and changed my practice forever?

So do I have an MA in Portrait photography? No, but I have an MA VisCom (Visual Communication ). Portraiture has certainly become a major part of my commercial practice and my own art based work (self instigated ) has also been predominantly portrait based.

Art projects inform the commercial practice and as the audiences are becoming more visually literate, it is important that portraits are read correctly, or that the portrait subject is communicating to the reader the intended visual.

Today everyone is a photographer now and a portrait is the most popular type of image, however selfies and snaps of people are not what I think of as a portrait, however one definition of a photographic portrait is ' An image of a person who is aware of the photographer taking a picture of themself.

This is just a start, as I believe portraiture is far more complex, and yet it is so simple,its just a picture of a person?

A portrait is an image that informs the reader something about the subject that is more than just a physical likeness.

A portrait photographer is someone who can deliver that essence of the subject, it maybe just an insight to their personality but it can be quite profound, the image may not be flattering but it may provide a truth.

All that could be considered pretentious twaddle, but when I see great portrait photography taken by artists like Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Arnold Newman, I am sure there is something of the person's soul been revealed.

Commercial portraits are different?

Commissioned photographic portraits are very complex as the reason for the commission is often very complex. If a magazine commissions a portrait it should reflect the context of the article that it is related too, often it is to illustrate an article that has already written and it would certainly help the photographer to read that and maybe respond to the brief with that in mind, it maybe something that relates to a professional life but there can be many aspects of an article that can prompt the photographer and the manner that the subject is presented, in a location or a neutral studio, but then you have the lights to employ, creating a positive or a negative image.

Where should a portrait photographer direct the subject?

A fundamental matter that is often taken for granted is where the subject should look when they are in front of a camera? The photographer has already determined when the subject is seen. from, and that is a very critical decision, the distance from the subject is going to determine a great deal, too close and the perspective shows the closest part of the subject will look large, their hands can be huge ,not because they are, but they are closer to the camera and natural perspective will make them too large in relation to the face. Seen from above the subject can look "sneaky' subservient or worse? Seen from below, the subject can look powerful, dominant or aloof?

The normal convention is that the subject looks into the lens, the eyes are the window to the soul, but is that really so?

Often the subject is more interesting and looks reflective if they are staring into the distance, or maybe looking at someone?

All these factors are taken into account when a portrait photographer takes on a photo shoot, and we haven't even touched on where the subject is? What the subject should wear? Hair & Make-Up?

A Hair & Makeup artist will certainly be required when advertising portraits are produced, a model maybe able to produce decent makeUp and hair artist, but I certainly advise commercial clients that it is something that the final image will be easier to post produce, certainly hair will need require less post production.

It was Charles Baudelaire that said " A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex,more obvious and more profound."

I cannot disagree, a portrait photograph can be so simple, yet what it communicates to the reader can be so profound and effect the audience more than most images.