Sir Peter Rigby - Millenium Point from the Movers & Shakers-faces of a changing city project2001-2005.

  • Jonathan Watkins-Ikon Gallery

    Jonathan Watkins-Ikon Gallery

    Movers and Shakers -

  • Tariq Ismail

    Tariq Ismail

  • Remo Papini

    Remo Papini

    Movers & Shakers -faces of a changing city - 1 of 100 portraits.Exhibited Birmingham Symphony Hall 2005-2006.

  • Healthcare


    Portrait shot in Yorkshire for healthcare image bank

  • Jasper Carrott

    Jasper Carrott

    Shot during Movers & Shakers project, at St Andrews, Birmingham City Football ground.

  • Gary  Taylor

    Gary Taylor

    Argent -property - part of the movers & shakers project-enviromental portrait

  • Jim Crace , Novelist

    Jim Crace , Novelist

    Spaghetti Junction & Tame Valley CanalOne of the best writers in English IMHO.

  • Graham Vick

    Graham Vick

    Artistic Director - Birmingham OperaMovers and Shakers project

  • Shefali Oza   at  Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

    Shefali Oza at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

    Birmingham Botanical Gardens. BBC Midlands Today presenter

  • Jonathan Church - Birmingham Rep

    Jonathan Church - Birmingham Rep

    Movers & Shakers Project. Birmingham 2000 - 2005

  • Karren Brady

    Karren Brady

    Birmingham City FC, St Andrews.

  • Bob Fox - V word

    Bob Fox - V word

  • In the American West Midlands-personal project.Winner of West Midland OPEN art -Birmingham Art Gallery. 2010

    In the American West Midlands-personal project.Winner of West Midland OPEN art -Birmingham Art Gallery. 2010

    Wolvstock Festival

  • Robert Vas Dias -Poet

    Robert Vas Dias -Poet

  • Bill -British Legion Veteren

    Bill -British Legion Veteren

    A dignified veteran of WW 11 . reflecting , a day before Remembrance Day. Portrait photographed in Islington ,London .

  • Lifestyle photography for charities

    Lifestyle photography for charities

    On a canal day trip an event organised by British Lung Foundation .

  • British Lung Foundation

    British Lung Foundation

    Portrait photography to produce image bank for the charity British Lung Foundation .

  • Researcher supported by British Lung Foundation

    Researcher supported by British Lung Foundation

  • Asthma UK

    Asthma UK

    Research Doctor at Southhampton Hospital - for rebranding and communication

  • GP - for Asthma UK

    GP - for Asthma UK

    Bingfield Street Surgery

  • Huntington Beach -California

    Huntington Beach -California

    Portrait photography with a twist ,using film on a 6 x 17 panoramic camera . A great trip ,personal portrait project on the back of a reqqe and a surf trip with my son . Happy Days.

  • Huntington Beach -Ca,USA.

    Huntington Beach -Ca,USA.

    Portrait photography with a twist ,Black & white ,on film .

  • Sean Feeney

    Sean Feeney

    Sean Feeney is a highly regarded Furniture maker & loves Border Collies.

  • Will - ISOLA Garden Design

    Will - ISOLA Garden Design

    Portrait - image shot to provide maximum crops as square, portrait and letterbox banner - a format favored on new websites.

  • Black Country Living Museum

    Black Country Living Museum

    Commissioned by Visit England -Heart of England tourism

  • Skateboarders at Skate Park

    Skateboarders at Skate Park

    Walsall Arboretum - extended project for website and historic collection.

  • Location  Portrait  Photographer

    Location Portrait Photographer

    Tea room in Shropshire .The Bird on the Rock. Visit England commissioned, via the Heart of England Tourist Board. This beautiful cafe was styled as if a 1920's cafe with Art Deco and other period furniture, a great destination that became a coach party destination for many international tourists. Photography of such a location required control of the lighting with a mass of of camera reflectors.

  • Organic farmer

    Organic farmer

    Annual report for FWAG, Herefordshire

  • Daniel Szor

    Daniel Szor

    Stills Image to support Shakespeare's England 'Welcome Back' campaign

  • Allyson Martin

    Allyson Martin

    the very talented Allyson Martin at Bloomery, Broadway, Cotswolds



    Bovine pharmacuticals

  • Foundry Worker - Walsall

    Foundry Worker - Walsall

    Emba Cookware - produced in Walsall Foundry - the concept of this industrial photography was to connect to real people who produced the products, telling the story so that the cast iron cookware was not an abstact industrial product but part of the historic industrial past that made the Black country famous world wide.

  • Courier -

    Courier -

    Lockdown courier - event production worker takes on delivery during pandemic

  •  David Wynne Jones

    David Wynne Jones

    Snowdonia Slate

  • Slate worker

    Slate worker

    Ffestiniog - Snowdonia Slate company - portraits of workers humanise an industry and ensure the reader connects with a product or industrial process.

  • Wild Swimmer - Compton Verney

    Wild Swimmer - Compton Verney

  • Location Portrait Photographer

    Location Portrait Photographer

    Aquatic West Midlands - Sandwell - Smethwick Baths (Thimblemill Road) - Simon Wicks - BSAC Advanced instructor. Alpha Divers BSAC

  •  Moseley Baths Lifeguard

    Moseley Baths Lifeguard

  • BT - apprentice case study

    BT - apprentice case study

    Zarah Sheikh - BT recruit - case study - in association with Chinbadger media

  • BT - recruit  Emma Yong

    BT - recruit Emma Yong

    Case study portrait for BT recruitment / talent comms - in association with Chinbadger Media

  • BT recruit - Anthony Abraham

    BT recruit - Anthony Abraham

    Anthony Abraham - BT recruit - apprentice recruitenmt programme - for internatal & external comms - in assocation with Chinbager media

  • BT - Enviromental portrait

    BT - Enviromental portrait

    Indu Saini - BT recruit - case study portrait for recruitment comms - in association with Chinbadger media

  •  BT Jessica Bayfield

    BT Jessica Bayfield

    cyber security speacilaist - BT case study portrait for comms in association with Chinbadger media

  • BT - apprentice - recruitment case study

    BT - apprentice - recruitment case study

    Abu Berte - BT apprentice - Birmingham BT Hub

  • BT - Birmingham - Case studies for recruitment and talent comms

    BT - Birmingham - Case studies for recruitment and talent comms

    Huseyin Akgul - Graduate Recruit - for BT in association with Chinbadger media

  • Michael Johnson  Sculptor

    Michael Johnson Sculptor

    Michael Johnson at his workshop in Newlyn, Cornwall. A great privalidge to meet and photograph this talented gentleman, his work is inspiring and I look forward to seeing more.

Location Portrait  Photographer 

Portrait photographer for editorial & advertising in Warwickshire,West Midlands and the Cotswolds.

Location Portrait photographer

Environmental portrait photographer in Warwickshire.

Portrait photography on location is often referred to as Environmental portraiture, the photograph that results from a portrait photographer and their subject can be one of the strongest and most informative photographs as it communicates and informs the reader about the subject and their context. The chef in his kitchen maybe a reasonable example, but the chef may own the restaurant so maybe the front of house should be the environment to use as a backdrop. The farmer in a field with his livestock or an executive in his office, all valid as environment portraits, but do they tell the whole story?

Based in Warwickshire I am well located to photograph portraits of so many subjects, from Actors to Zoologists , for advertising, marketing and communications as well as PR and editorial. It has been at the core of my professional practice and it is certainly my favourite genre.

If I have a choice I would always try and photograph a person in an environment that adds to the communication. However it is not without challenges, to elevate an image and ensure it works may require additional lighting, certainly reflectors and maybe screen diffusers. In this day and age a portrait is often expected to be shot in seconds, a product of the smart phone ethos, but that is not a portrait, it maybe an image of the person in a location, but a portrait should be so much more.

Ideally I will have a brief and understand the reasons the portrait is been commissioned, where it shall be used and what is the final media. It is important that the subject allows enough time and that they are prepared, if I am photographing company staff for a website, I always suggest that the subjects are given a few days notice, so hair cuts and other such vanities are sorted, and that is not aimed at the females, but everyone. The clothes and especially the colours the subject wear is very important, usually the subject will be dressed for the role that they are been photographed for, but I do suggest a back up and when possible I shall use a hairstylist and makeup artist, even for a corporate portrait. Just a little more attention and modification does help and provides a better final result. Advertising and communication budgets may have fallen but a portrait maybe seen for many years and the most appropriate hairstyle and clothes will help, or to put it bluntly if the wrong size jacket, or badly styled hairstyle shall be there for all to see and critique for a very long time.

I do not want to take too long on a portrait, unless the subject is an actor or model the subject shall become bored and disinterested, so I try to plan my shoot, have a stand in or put myself in the location and produce a lighting test so the subject can just get into the ‘set’ and I can capture a selection of expressions and poses. It is usual that the end result is one image, the cover of the magazine, or the selected portrait on the annual report, but it is important to have choices, there are no rules, but instinct tells me when I have the shot and I shall stop then if the pressure of time is on, but I like to carry on, and then push for the unknown and often best image, when the session appears to be over and I can capture a more real subject.

The tricks of the trade are not secrets, its just careful planning, efficient execution and knowing when you have the image that is right for the brief.