Travel Photographer working in Warwickshire, Birmingham, Coventry, North Cotswolds,  London & further.

Travel photographer producing material to promote destinations, hotels & locations that wish to encourage visitors from across the globe.Working for the tourism and hospitality industries.

Travel Photographer in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire.

Professional travel photographer based in Warwickshire and working for the travel & hospitality industry in the UK and beyond.

My first commission that took me abroad was for Ellerman Travel, trips to the Canaries and Portugal to provide stock images for the brochures took me on a journey of travel photography that continues to today. It was a great privilege to work for tourist boards including Spanish, Swedish, USA,Wales, Tunisia, former Yugoslavia and England. Producing image banks that would serve the communication and marketing needs of the organisations and provide posters and all the material for the press needs.

I also worked for many airlines, including KLM, Aer Lingus, BA & Korean Air. It was the golden age of advertising before social media, so great images with great concepts and production values were created to be published in the press and on posters.

I am aware that the days of such commissions are now extremely rare as the digital communication and supply of stock images has change the travel landscape, but images are still required by the travel & hospitality industry.

I do provide stock images, since Getty was established 25 years ago I provided images from around the globe, but now I work on destinations, hotels & attractions that require image banks for their marketing and communication.

Based in Warwickshire I am well positioned to provide the material for the Hospitality industry that is so essential to the UK economy, I provide cost effective images of landscapes,lifestyle,food,drink and infrastructure across the great area, covering North Cotswolds,Warwickshire,Coventry & the West Midlands.

I will of course be happy to be flown anywhere across the globe & I shall come back with some great images!!!!